Kara Marie Frederick,
November 11th, 1991.
Love. Loyalty. Friendship.
Single Mother:
Julianna Taylor Marie Skiver-Frederick
December 8th, 2011

Sometimes, All You Gotta Do Is Dance.


Main Character list;
Kayla Sheer, Colson “Kells” Baker, Ana Maria, Kyle Stein.

Parents of Kayla; Walt and Gina Podraski.
Parents of Ana; Jamie and Kevin.
Parents of Kyle; deceased.

Description of Kayla; She’s the definition of girl next door. But, she has a very dark and deep past, and she’s just trying to recover from it.

She stands at a tall 5’8”, 130 lbs, green eyes, and has brunette hair, 22.

Description of Ana; She’s the go-getter. She always brings the party and knows how to put a smile on your face. But, if you betray her she could go from your best friend to arch enemy in two minutes.

She’s a small 5’4”, 110 lbs, blonde blue eyed petite girl, 21.

Colson “Kells” Baker. He raps, he parties, he has a body full of tattoos….he’s the epitome of bad boy. With his hectic schedule, he barely has time for himself but, always makes time for other things.

6’4”, blonde (now black) hair, crystal blue eyes, and as mentioned before body full of tatts, 24’

Kyle Stein was Kayla’ s boyfriend. He was the ultimate douchebag. He knew how to get her to do anything he wants. And, that was obviously a problem… He only helped with Kayla by escaping her step dad and mother, barely.

6’0”, dark brown hair, blue eyes, one arm sleeve tattoo, 25.

Walt and Gina Podraski; Step dad and mother of Kayla. Her step dad has allegedly raped Kayla three times, and with her drunk mother always in the background, trying to keep it hidden…it seemed like that there was no way out for Kayla. With the beating starting at the age 5, and it continues to this day… they are in for a world of hurt.

Gina; 45, 310 lbs (obese), drunk, brown hair, green eyes.
Walt; 58, 230 lbs, grey hair, blue eyes. ——————————————————-

My new story idea, I’ve never finished one…but, I have a lot of ideas for this story. If anyone cares to read :)

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Awesome! na We Heart It.


Awesome! na We Heart It.

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